March 6, 2010

The Tales of Gay in Malaysia

Unnatural sex habit is threatening the world. The homosexual menace has its history. The human community had been tormented by disaster because of their perilous deeds as told in the story of Prophet Luth and what had happened in the town of Pompei, Italy.

But human being has always been drifted away. Today, the menace is getting widespread. It is not only concentrated in secular states but had spread to Muslim countries. The size of the community, either gay or lesbian, is getting bigger all over the world, and seems like a big inexorable force.

Although they are categorized as people with low morale, confused and failed to understand their own sexual function, many of the homosexual practitioners has been elected as leaders.

Although it is prohibited by religion and the majority of the community rejected them as leader, in the West, many of them are now masquerading at the corridor of power. Those who got elected as Mayor, Senator, Governor, Minister and even Prime Minister, are increasing rapidly. This excludes other walks of life especially the Western entertainment personalities who are getting bolder. (Many of them initially denied that they are gay or lesbian, but admitted to it in the end).

Same-sex marriage is unfortunately no longer out of fashion. The struggle to fight the rights of this group seem to make much headway. In parts of Asia, the struggle for the interest of the group is not a taboo anymore. If this sexual abnormality is not mitigated, what will happen with the world community in say 10, 25 years or 50 years to come? Is this homosexual not an evil force that will bring calamity to the generation of our children and grandchildren?

Awang shot this question because there are a lot of issues with regard to the threat of homosexuality to human race including in our country.

In Malaysia, Awang is made to understand that many youngsters are involved in such evil. Nightclubs, spas and homosexual massage parlors are operating behind close curtain in what has been described as the underground gay movement.

The internet is part of the tools for the gay group to promote their activities and culture through certain websites. Awang is not certain how far have the authorities monitor the activities? Based on the websites and other indicators, it can be concluded that the gay and lesbian couple are so free to carry out their unnatural sex tendency.

The enforcement action is so limited and the issue is too complex to handle.

Before, man and woman can be apprehended for close proximity but what is the action of the religious authority if person of the same sex commit such act?

Either we realized it or not, in Malaysia, this group is getting influential. The homosexuals, who have the so-called merit, will be raised as a hero. Based on certain studies, the group will go at any length to defend their homosexual lives including who should be their icons.

Awang is really disturbed and just cannot figure out at the 1001 tales of such sexual evil in our country. There are a lot more that we still do not know about the menace. What is more disturbing is the disaster that may befall us if such phenomenon can no longer be contained?

The rise of anti-homosexual

The February 20th report in The Times (United Kingdom) on a massive effort against homosexual in Uganda, attract Awang’s attention. The public wave against such wickedness especially gay is getting apparent with many steps being undertaken. Latest, the country’s authorities had introduced an anti-homosexual bill, which spark controversy.

The bill among others proposed that the same-sex habit among under-18 couple and disabled, who are infected by HIV/Aids, will be given mandatory death sentence.

Adult gay couples, who committed sexual act with their partners even on mutual consent, will be imprisoned for life. Prison sentence will also be imposed on any individuals and groups including the non-governmental organization (NGO) which promoted homosexual, besides failure to report such despicable act to the authorities.

The issue has been a hot topic of debate in Uganda, especially when it received foreign protest among them from the United States and influential pro-gay organizations in the world. With the international pressure, the status of the proposed law on death penalty is hanging in the balance. Even then, the majority of the Ugandan public support the drastic measure as gay problem has reached a critical level.

Street demonstrations initiated by the church have received overwhelming support from the public which is seen as an uprising in confronting the gay phenomenon. They come up with badges with a tagline “Ugandans against sodomy.” In his comment, chairman of the Anti-Homosexual Group, Martin Ssempa said that Western civilization had been threatened by the peril of homosexuality. The anti-gay sentiment is not only felt in Uganda but also in many other African countries. The people of the continent have woken up.

- Rad: Homosexual is prohibited in Islam. Don't put our self below than an animal standard. Animal always appreciate and respect what God had given them, why man can't ?