March 10, 2010

Monitor children's activities

The number of rape cases reported in our country has increased by two-folds from 2003 to 2007. Based on studies conducted, there were 1,279 cases in 2003, which number increased to 3,098 cases in 2007.

However, it should be remembered, the statistics only referred to cases that were reported. In normal circumstances, rape cases are not reported for various reasons.

According to Dr. D Prema, from the Penang Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) , when speaking at a seminar on Understanding and Supporting Rape Survivors, based on experience, only 20 victims are willing to come forward and lodge reports.

Recently, we are once again jolted with newspaper reports on a 15-year-old girl being gang-raped by 15 men in Sungkai, Perak.

What is the actual cause of this crime? The problem will not be solved for as those responsible for the heinous act cannot do not realise the effects of their doings on their victims.

In most cases, the victims met the “predators” for dates, some of them after getting to know each other in chat rooms through the Internet.

Today, there are various social websites which provide opportunities for users to chat through the Internet, like Facebook and Twitter. Apart from that, these chat rooms also have various “channels” on sex.

Many Malaysians , in spending most of their time in front of computers, are are exposed to these social networking, which could lead to free sex where the weaker ones become rape victims.

Apart from that, I believe, the Muslims will not fall victims to this heinous act if they have strong faith in the religion as Islam forbids adultery.

Most of those who commit adultery follow their heart without considering the repercussions, like babies born out of wed lock, and worst still, of new borns being abandoned and their bodies, some charred, found in dustbins, undergrowth and toilet bowls.

Section 375 of the Penal Code provides a jail term of up to 20 years and stroke of the rotan for those found guilty of the offence.

I think its time for the relevant authorities, like the Attorney-General's Chambers and the police, to review the existing penalty. If necessary, a heavier sentence should be meted on rapist.

To parents with young children, monitor their activities so that they would not fall victims to rapists. Those with teen age children, give them religious education and also monitor their activities.


Ampang, Selangor