July 28, 2010

Floating in water balls

A boy floats in an inflatable water ball at a pond in a park in Sofia July 20, 2010

A boy floats in an inflatable water ball at a pond in a park in Sofia July 20, 2010.

Xinhua/Reuters Photo

July 26, 2010

Whale crash-lands onto yacht

A 40-ton whale suddenly leapt out of the water and crash-landed on a yacht, smashing into the mast. 
It thrashed about the vessel before rolling back into the water. (Photo: CFP)

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Whale Crashes Onto Boat

newsnownews | July 23, 2010
Right Whale rises from ocean and lands on sailboat off the coast of South Africa...from cnn
Whale hits & smashes yacht in South Africa

RussiaToday | July 22, 2010
(Photos courtesy: Cape Town Sailing Academy 
by James Dugmore and Paloma Werner)

A South African couple have had the fright of their lives when a Southern Right Whale jumped onto the deck of their boat. Sailing instructor Ralph Mothes and his partner Paloma Werner of Cape town Sailing Academy were sailing the yacht "Intrepid" off the coast of Cape Town when they spotted the whale breaching out of the water some distance away. Suddenly it got close to them, leaped out of the water and crashed onto their yacht.

Whale Of A Tale! Whale Jumps Into Boat!

MOXNEWSd0tCOM | July 22, 2010
July 22, 2010 MSNBC

July 25, 2010

French scientists crack secrets of Mona Lisa


Published: Jul 17, 2010 11:22 Updated: Jul 17, 2010 11:22

PARIS: The enigmatic smile remains a mystery, but French scientists say they have cracked a few secrets of the "Mona Lisa." French researchers studied seven of the Louvre Museum's Leonardo da Vinci paintings, including the "Mona Lisa," to analyze the master's use of successive ultrathin layers of paint and glaze — a technique that gave his works their dreamy quality.

Specialists from the Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France found that da Vinci painted up to 30 layers of paint on his works to meet his standards of subtlety. Added up, all the layers are less than 40 micrometers, or about half the thickness of a human hair, researcher Philippe Walter said Friday.

The technique, called "sfumato," allowed da Vinci to give outlines and contours a hazy quality and create an illusion of depth and shadow. His use of the technique is well-known, but scientific study on it has been limited because tests often required samples from the paintings.

The French researchers used a noninvasive technique called X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy to study the paint layers and their chemical composition.

They brought their specially developed high-tech tool into the museum when it was closed and studied the portraits' faces, which are emblematic of sfumato. The project was developed in collaboration with the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble.

The tool is so precise that "now we can find out the mix of pigments used by the artist for each coat of paint," Walter told The Associated Press. "And that's very, very important for understanding the technique."

The analysis of the various paintings also shows da Vinci was constantly trying out new methods, Walter said. In the "Mona Lisa," da Vinci used manganese oxide in his shadings. In others, he used copper. Often he used glazes, but not always.

The results were published Wednesday in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, a chemistry journal.

Tradition holds that the "Mona Lisa" is a painting of Lisa Gherardini, wife of Florentine merchant Francesco del Giocondo, and that da Vinci started painting it in 1503. Giorgio Vasari, a 16th-century painter and biographer of da Vinci and other artists, wrote that the perfectionist da Vinci worked on it for four years.

July 22, 2010

Malaysia Brought To You Through

Malaysia  is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia.

It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and has a total landmass of 329,845 square kilometres (127,354 sq mi). The capital city is Kuala Lumpur, while Putrajaya is the seat of the federal government. The population stands at over 28 million.

The country is separated by the South China Sea into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia or Semenanjung Malaysia and East Malaysian (also known as Sabah & Sarawak).Malaysia borders Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei It is near the equator and has a tropical climate.

Malaysia has a biodiverse range of flora and fauna, and is considered one of the 17 megadiverse countries.

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Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, and the Government actively promotes the spread of Islam in the country and its friendship with other Muslim countries. The Census in 2000 show approximately 60.4 percent of the total population are Muslims in Malaysia.

All ethnic Malays are Muslim (100%) as defined by Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia, there are also substantial numbers of Indian Muslims and a few numbers of ethnic Chinese converts.

As required by Malaysian law and defined in the Constitution of Malaysia, a Malay would surrender his ethnic status if he were not Muslim. However the reverse is not legally true; one does not legally become a Bumiputra by converting to Islam. Malaysia is one of the most religious countries in the Muslim world.

Patterns on Earth

Patterns in Nature: Mysterious Earth

Cave Dwellings, Turkey

Lichens grow on a granite gravestone in Lake Champlain, New York.

Diatoms - Seen here 400 times their true size, diatoms are a type 
of algae found in oceans, fresh water, and soil.

for more

Singapura - Filipina maid inherits SGD 6 millions or RM 14 millions from Employer

By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 21/07/2010

Filipina maid inherits millions from employer

A devoted Filipina maid inherited six million Singapore dollars (more than four million US) from her late employer after more than 20 years of service, a newspaper report said Wednesday.

"I am the luckiest maid in Singapore, with or without the money," the 47-year-old single woman -- identified only by the pseudonym "Christine" -- told the Straits Times in an interview.

The maid refused to be named in public for fear of possible threats to her life in the impoverished Philippines, where wealthy people have been kidnapped for ransom and some killed by their abductors.

The windfall, including cash and a luxury apartment near the Orchard Road shopping belt, came from the estate of her employer Quek Kai Miew, a medical doctor and philanthropist who died last year at 66.
The maid had also taken care of the doctor's late mother, and was told that she would be a beneficiary of her employer's will when it was drawn up in 2008.

"There were no secrets between us. I was not surprised at all when she told me how much I was going to get," the maid recalled.

"Christine" was devastated when Quek died a year ago, as the two were inseparable, and temporarily moved in with the doctor's nephew for solace.

"It was heartbreaking for me as I saw more years with Doctor Quek than with my own mother. I would break down every time I thought about her. I could not be by myself," she said.

"I was always beside her. Wherever she went, I was with her."

The maid, who is now applying for permanent residency in Singapore, said her newfound wealth had not changed her lifestyle.

"I do not really think much about the money I got. I just live my life as I did before, and not as a rich person," the maid, dressed simply in a blouse and slacks with short-cropped hair, was quoted as saying.

"I am still who I was before. I cannot behave differently because I have money now. Even my Filipino maid friends here still treat me the same."

Nearly 200,000 foreign maids, mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia, work in affluent Singapore, which has a population of five million.

When the Filipina's employer Dr Quek Kai Miew died a year ago,
she inherited a cool $6 million from her estate, including the apartment in Leonie Hill.
- photo & narration from -

Majikan beri amah RM14 juta
SINGAPURA - Seorang amah Filipina yang setia berkhidmat selama lebih 20 tahun menjadi jutawan segera kerana majikannya memberikannya sebanyak S$6 juta (RM14 juta) menerusi wasiat, lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.

"Sama ada memiliki atau tidak wang itu, saya merupakan amah yang paling bertuah di Singapura," katanya yang dikenali dengan nama Christine.

Berusia 47 tahun dan masih belum berkahwin, dia enggan mendedahkan identiti dirinya dan mahu dikenali sebagai Christine kerana bimbangkan keselamatannya di Filipina yang merupakan negara yang sering menjadi lokasi penculikan untuk mendapatkan wang tebusan.

Dia mendapat wasiat itu daripada majikannya yang juga seorang wanita, Dr. Quek Kai Miew yang meninggal dunia pada tahun lalu semasa berusia 66 tahun.

Kekayaan segera itu meliputi wang tunai dan sebuah pangsapuri mewah berhampiran pusat beli-belah Orchard Road.

GAMBAR menunjukkan apartmen yang dipercayai menjadi tempat 
tinggal Christine bersama majikannya di Singapura.

Dia sangat rapat dengan majikannya.

Christine yang kini sedang memohon menjadi penduduk tetap Singapura menyatakan bahawa kekayaan itu tidak akan dapat mengubah gaya hidupnya.

Amah tersebut turut menjaga ibu doktor itu dan dia diberitahu akan menjadi seorang penerima wasiat yang sedang disediakan oleh majikannya pada 2008.

"Tidak ada rahsia di antara kami. Saya tidak terkejut apabila diberitahu berapa banyak yang saya akan perolehi" katanya.

Christine berasa kecewa setahun lalu apabila majikannya meninggal dunia.

"Kematian itu amat mengecewakan saya kerana tempoh saya bersama dengan doktor itu lebih lama daripada saya bersama ibu saya," tambahnya.

"Saya akan berasa sedih setiap kali saya teringatkan dia (majikannya)," kata amah tersebut. - AFP 

July 21, 2010

Manchester United jerseys - Muslims must not Wear , Malaysian Clerics said

Muslims Should Not Wear Manchester United Jerseys


KUALA LUMPUR: Muslims must not wear the famous Manchester United red jersey because of the “devil” emblem on its team crest, Malaysian clerics said today.

Manchester United and the rest of the English Premier League are massively popular in Muslim-majority Malaysia and the rest of the Asian region, but conservative religious scholars said the jersey is un-Islamic.

Also off limits are the shirts of teams including Brazil,  Portugal, Barcelona, Serbia and Norway, all of which carry images of the cross on their team emblems.

“This is very dangerous. As a Muslim, we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devils,” Nooh Gadot, a top Islamic cleric from the southern Johor state, told AFP.

“It will erode our belief in Islam. There is no reason why we as Muslims should wear such jerseys, either for sports or fashion reasons,” said Nooh, an advisor to the Johor religious council.

“Even if it (the jersey) is a gift, we should decline it. It is even more sinful when people realise this is wrong and still buy these jerseys to wear,” he added.

Nooh said there was no “fatwa”, or religious edict, against the shirts but that one was not needed when it was clearly wrong for Muslims to don such a garment.

“These Muslims should repent, repent immediately,” he said.

Another leading cleric, Harussani Zakaria, a cleric from northern Perak state, agreed that devils should be shunned, not celebrated.

“Yes of course in Islam we don’t allow people to wear this sort of thing,” he told AFP. “Devils are our enemies, why would you put their picture on you and wear it? You are only promoting the devil.”

Malaysia is a generally moderate Islamic country, but conservative clerics have issued controversial edicts in the past including a ban on the ancient practice of yoga, which is criticised for including Hindu religious elements. -AFP

Datuk Nooh Gadot
Mufti Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria

Haram pakai jersi lambang salib


KUALA LUMPUR – Pemakaian jersi bola sepak atau sebarang pakaian yang memiliki lambang salib, jenama arak dan imej syaitan adalah haram hukumnya dan boleh menjurus kepada perbuatan syirik.
Penasihat Majlis Agama Islam Johor (MAIJ), Datuk Nooh Gadot berkata, perkara tersebut ditegah oleh Islam dan perbuatan mengabaikan hukum yang sudah jelas boleh membawa umat Islam ke arah syirik.

Beliau berkata, memakai baju seperti itu walau apapun alasannya menunjukkan umat Islam seolah-olah mengagung-agungkan dan memuliakan lambang agama lain.

“Semua mengetahui hukum ini dengan jelas, ia adalah haram dan jangan beri alasan untuk menghalalkan perkara tersebut.

“Dalam hal ini, Islam tidak ada kompromi sama ada ia dibuat atas nama hiburan, fesyen mahupun sukan,” ujarnya ketika dihubungi Kosmo! Ahad baru-baru ini.

Beliau mengulas trend menyarung jersi di kalangan remaja dan golongan dewasa masa kini yang secara terang-terangan memiliki lambang salib atau jenama arak di baju mereka.

Trend itu sudah agak lama berlaku di negara ini namun semakin popular semenjak demam Piala Dunia melanda bermula awal tahun ini.

Antara jersi pasukan negara atau kelab yang tertera lambang salib atau imej syaitan adalah Brazil, Portugal, Sweden dan Norway, Manchester United dan Barcelona.

Nada yang sama turut diluahkan oleh Mufti Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria.

Beliau berkata, perbuatan memakai baju seperti itu hanya menjurus ke arah dosa dan boleh mengakibatkan syirik kepada Allah.

Jelasnya, pakaian yang mempamerkan lambang agama lain mahupun mempunyai imej syaitan dan jenama arak dilihat seperti mengangkat martabat lambang itu lebih tinggi berbanding Islam.

Menurut Harussani, Islam tidak menghalang umatnya untuk berfesyen atau bersukan namun ia perlu dilakukan dalam ruang lingkup syarak seperti menutup aurat dan tidak membazir. 

Manchester United red devil Football Club logo
The Red Devils - Syaitan Merah
Manchester_United red devil_Football_Club logo

Cold-blooded killer under sea - white shark

Photo Source:
Editor: Tang Danlu

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July 20, 2010

UFO sighted at a beach resort at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Tuesday July 20, 2010
UFO sighting causes stir at beach resort

SIGHTINGS of an unidentified flying object (UFO) have been reported by guests and employees at a beach resort near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Harian Metro reported.

The tabloid even published a front-page blurb of the object, which had apparently caused much excitement and uneasiness among those staying at the Tuaran Beach Resort.

One of the guests, Jemas Dungil, 27, told the tabloid that a woman shouted when she saw a round blue flying object in the sky.

“We came out of a hall to see what the commotion was all about and I saw a round blue disc in the sky.
“It turned green a few seconds later,” she said.

Several other guests and employees, who claimed to have also spotted the object, said it hovered in the air for a few minutes before disappearing.

Some even claimed that their handphones “went dead” when they tried to record the object with the devices.
Jemas said although she managed to capture a picture of the object, she did not believe that it was a UFO.
“What I saw was really extraordinary because it happened right in front of me,” she said.

Another witness, Donny Benedict, 29, said he did not believe in the existence of UFOs, but changed his mind upon watching the unusual sight.

“I saw the object for about 20 seconds before it disappeared.

“It’s strange that it did not make any noise like a normal aircraft,” he said, adding that he regretted not being able to take a picture of the object with his handphone as it was out of battery. 

Photo from :

Gempar lihat UFO terapung

Oleh Junaidi Ladjana


KOTA KINABALU: “Ketika berada dalam dewan, tiba-tiba seorang wanita menjerit melihat suatu objek mirip piring terbang di langit berhampiran pusat peranginan itu.
“Lalu kami keluar untuk mengesahkan dakwaannya dan apa yang saya lihat ia memang satu objek berbentuk bulat dan berwarna biru sedang terapung, tetapi selepas beberapa saat kemudian ia bertukar menjadi warna hijau,” kata seorang tetamu Tuaran Beach Resort, Jemas Dungil, 27.

Suasana di pusat peranginan ketika itu gempar apabila satu objek asing seakan-akan piring terbang (UFO) muncul di ruang udara berhampiran pantai peranginan Tuaran di sini, petang kelmarin.

Kemunculan objek berkenaan disaksikan beberapa kakitangan dan tetamu pusat peranginan itu yang kebetulan berada di kawasan terbabit.

Mereka mendakwa objek mengeluarkan cahaya biru dan hijau itu terapung di ruang udara selama seminit sebelum hilang dalam sekelip mata.

Malah, ada di kalangan mereka sempat merakamkan gambar piring terbang itu menggunakan telefon bimbit masing-masing tetapi apa yang menghairankan, ada telefon bimbit berkenaan tiba-tiba ‘mati’ dengan semena-mena sebaik merakam gambar objek berkenaan.
Jemas berkata, dia ternampak satu objek terapung yang besar dan tidak bergerak ketika menghadiri majlis jamuan makan seorang rakannya di pusat peranginan itu.

Menurutnya, dia sempat merakamkan objek misteri itu menggunakan kamera telefon bimbitnya, malah beberapa pengunjung pusat peranginan itu turut melakukannya.

“Saya tidak percaya UFO, tapi apa yang saya lihat itu benar-benar luar biasa kerana ia berlaku di depan mata.

“Apa yang pelik, telefon bimbit milik beberapa pengunjung yang merakam kemunculan objek itu tiba-tiba ‘mati’. Namun, saya bernasib baik kerana dapat merakamkan imej objek itu,” katanya.

Sementara itu, seorang lagi saksi, Donny Benedict, 29, berkata, dia tidak percaya dengan kewujudan UFO, namun pandangannya berubah sebaik menyaksikan kejadian itu.

“Saya hanya sempat melihat objek berkenaan terapung selama 20 saat sebelum ia hilang begitu sahaja. Apa yang peliknya, ia tidak mengeluarkan sebarang bunyi seperti dihasilkan pesawat udara.

“Ini pengalaman pertama saya melihat UFO, namun mengecewakan gambar diambil menggunakan telefon bimbit hilang,” katanya.

Kemunculan UFO di negara ini dikesan bermula pada tahun 1950-an apabila seorang lelaki melihat satu piring terbang di Petaling Jaya. Sejak itu, beberapa objek menyerupai piring terbang didakwa dilihat rakyat negara ini.

Kali terakhir UFO muncul di negara ini pada 1999 di Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat. 

July 13, 2010

Malaysian Islamic courts appoint first women judges

KUALA LUMPUR, Rajab 28/July 10 (IINA)-The appointment of the first two women judges to Malaysia's Islamic courts was hailed recently as a move to address the gender imbalance in the country's religious judiciary.

Premier Najib Razak announced the appointments, made by the king in May, as an example of the government's commitment to transforming the Sharia judiciary.

"The appointments were made to enhance justice in cases involving families and women's rights and to meet current needs," Najib was quoted as saying by state news agency Bernama last week.

Islamic courts run in parallel with civil courts in this Malay Muslim-majority country but women say they face much discrimination in Islamic divorce proceedings, inheritance and child custody cases.

Suraya Ramli, 31, was appointed a sharia judge in the administrative capital of Putrajaya while Rafidah Abdul Razak, 39, was made a Kuala Lumpur Sharia court judge.

Muslim pressure group Sisters in Islam welcomed the appointments as a "positive sign for Muslims" and a move that the group had been advocating for over a decade.

Women, family and community development minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the move would eventually see "an equal representation of men and women in decision-making positions".

"Now we must maintain the momentum of such progress and I would like to see all states emulate this move by appointing women into various state Sharia courts," she added.

The two women judges declined comment while Sharia court officials could not be reached.
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July 10, 2010

Australia says Google guilty of privacy breaches

By Agence France-Presse, Updated: 7/10/2010

Google is guilty of breaching Australian laws by collecting private wireless data with its "Street View" mapping cars but will escape punishment, the privacy regulator said.

Privacy Commissioner Karen Curtis said she was unable to impose sanctions under Australia's Privacy Act, but had ordered Google to apologise after finding their Street View service had broken the law.
"On the information available I am satisfied that any collection of personal information would have breached the Australian Privacy Act," Curtis said in a statement.
"Collecting personal information in these circumstances is a very serious matter. Australians should reasonably expect that private communications remain private."

Street View, which was launched in 2006, lets users view panoramic street scenes on Google Maps and take a virtual "walk" through cities such as New York, Paris or Hong Kong.
Curtis said Google had agreed to publish an apology, to ensure any future Street View activities underwent a privacy impact assessment, and regularly consult her about any other significant plans.
"These steps will ensure Google's future products have privacy protections built in rather than bolted on," she said, adding that the undertakings would apply for the next three years, and then be reviewed.
The apology, which was published Friday on the web giant's Australian blog, said Google "did not want and have never used any payload data in our products or services," and had removed all wi-fi reception equipment from its cars.
"We want to reiterate to Australians that this was a mistake for which we are sincerely sorry. Maintaining peoples trust is crucial to everything we do and we have to earn that trust every single day," wrote Alan Eustace, senior vice president of engineering and research.
"We are acutely aware that we failed badly here."
Australian police are still investigating whether Google breached telecommunications laws. If found guilty, the company could be fined or handed a prison sentence. 

July 9, 2010

Top 10 luxury floating hotels

King Pacific Lodge in Canada. (Photo:

Conrad Maldives in Maldives. (Photo:

Dragon Inn Floating Resort in Malaysia. (Photo:

Punta Caracol in Panama. (Photo:

Six Senses in Maldives. (Photo:

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To view all the ten floating hotels
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Octopus Paul From German " Prediction " during World Cup 2010 - Islam Follower have to be more careful

This is just my own worry after witness the second time the "prediction" came to reality, a " prediction " by football's " psychic " sea creature - Paul The Octopus.

I did not say it so but this is just my worry about the " magic panorama " of what they call as " psychic " or what so ever during this world cup 2010.

Worry if the panorama can be fallen into these hadiths

From a Hadith by Muslim, the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) once said:

Whoever approaches a fortune-teller, inquires him/her and acknowledges him/her, his prayers will not be accepted for forty days.

A Hadith by Abu Dawood relates:

Whoever approaches a fortune-teller and acknowledges him/her that person has committed kufr to revelation from Allah

In another hadith :

"Whoever partakes in one part of astrology (the art of the stars), verily he has partaken in sorcery."
(Abu Dawood)

The right is from Allah, the wrong is from me- rb

Two year-old octopus Paul, the so-called "octopus oracle" predicts Spain's victory in their 2010 World Cup semi-final soccer match against Germany by choosing a mussel, from a glass box decorated with the Spanish national flag instead of a glass box with the German flag, at the Sea Life Aquarium in the western German city of Oberhausen July 6, 2010.

RussiaToday | July 06, 2010

Football's psychic sea creature - Paul The Octopus - is making yet another World Cup prediction. But this time, the eight-tentacled oracle is betting on Spain winning the semi-final against his home country, Germany. Paul has a perfect record when it comes to predicting the outcome of Germany's World Cup matches. So fans better keep their fingers crossed for Wednesday's clash. The psychic cephalopod's even gained a few worldwide followers of his own. And there's no truth to the rumour that if Paul turns out to be right this time, he could end up on the sushi menu.

Islamic view on palm-reading & fortune-telling by Abdur Raheem Green

ISLAMIC0NTENT | September 25, 2008
Not only is the practice of astrology Haraam, but also visiting an astrologist and listening to his predictions, buying books on astrology or reading ones horoscope are also forbidden! Since astrology is mainly used for predicting the future, those who practice it are considered fortune-tellers. Consequently, one who seeks his horoscope comes under the ruling contained in the Prophets statement: "The Salaah (daily prayer) of whoever approaches a fortune-teller and asks him about anything will not be accepted for forty days and nights." [Reported by Hafsah and collected by Muslim (Sahih Muslim (English Trans.), vol. 4, p. 1211, no. 5440).]

The punishment in this Hadeeth is simply for approaching and asking the astrologist, even if one is in doubt about the truth of his statements. If one is in doubt about the truth or falsehood of astrological information, he is in doubt about whether or not others know the unseen and the future besides Allaah. This is a form of Shirk because Allaah has clearly stated:

"With Him are the keys to the unseen and none knows it except Him" [Soorah al-An`aa,m 6:59]

"Say: None in the heavens or earth knows the unseen except Allaah." [Soorah an-Naml 27:65]

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