March 25, 2010

Slow Loading Blog - a step to overcome

Having a Slow Loading blog is Not only Annoying to your Visitors it Can Also Play a Part in SEO and You Chance to Earn with Per Per Click Programs such as Adsense. So you Don’t Need these kinds of Problems do you.All you have to Do is Compress your CSS which is a Simple task using this Online Compression Tool

Firstly you Need to Know Where The CSS is in Blogger
All the CSS in Blogger Blogs is Situated Between these Two Tags the First is which is Near the Top then just Press F3 and Look For So Now you Must Cut Everything Between these Tags and then Paste it into the Online Compression Tool and Select the Normal Mode and Don’t Strip Comments.

Now just Paste the Compressed CSS into your Template Between the and tags Now your Blog will Load a Little Fater and this will Improve SEO and Maybe Blog Income

So Lets Make it Clear Then How you Make your Blogspot blog Load Faster

*Look for the and Tags

*Cut Everything Between these Tags and Paste it into the Online Compression Tool for CSS

*Select Don’t Strip Comments and Light Compression

*Paste the Compressed CSS Code into your Template between and

*Save your Template and your Done

*You Now you Have a Faster Loading Blogger Blog Which is Better For SEO and Your Visitors

Original title: Compress CSS to Make your Blog Load faster.