March 28, 2010

The tale of an abuser


Talking about victim, what happened in a sex scandal involving churches in Germany and the United States recently, is interesting. More surprisingly is a story of a leading priest in committing molest and sodomy on children under the supervision of his church.

Cases of sex-abuse and abnormal sex habit are getting rampant and even involved renowned figures. What come into our mind why is that there are influential people more so with thick religious image have the audacity to commit such despicable act.

It reminds Awang of a book written by Debbie Ford entitled “Why Do Good People Do Bad Things.” In one of the chapters, he touched on the characteristic of certain person which is considered as abusers.
He said the features that made abusers the most dangerous group is their capability to camouflage. The group will be using a combination of cover up to mask their activities including as leader and religious figures.
Debbie had warned – be alert against abusers. They are good at manipulating stories to the point that it become convincing to themselves and to others that they are talking the truth.

According to the book “People of the lie” written by M. Scott Peck, among the evil features of an abuser is to create confusion. Abusers can change the situation that turn into their favour by manipulating the victim to believe that they are in trouble or worse than that.

They tell lie and then turn around accusing you of lying. Among their weapons are their deceptive tendency and their skill at manipulating whatever issues. They believe that the abuse that they had committed is the mistake of the victims themselves.
Among us, who are those categorized as abusers?