March 29, 2010

Lorry Home

By Adib Povera and Zahratulhayat Mat Arif

PENDANG: No one would think of turning a broken-down lorry into a home, but for the family of Ab Rahman Hassan, 59, this is a fact of life.
The lorry has been home for him, his wife Wan Nasri Wan Ismail, 51, their two children Mohd Farhan, 19, and Siti Aisyah, 9, for over two weeks.

Rahman's father, 86-year-old Hassan Ali is also staying with them.

The former Muda Agricultural Development Authority worker moved to the "home" after their house in Kg Banggol Temak was destroyed in a fire.

The New Straits Times visited the family at their home yesterday.

A bamboo mat was spread out on the back of the lorry and a huge canvass-like umbrella had been erected over the lorry to shelter them from the heat and rain.

The lorry was parked on the spot where their house was.

Rahman said they were unable to salvage anything from the fire except for the lorry when the blaze broke out at their house. They were all not home at the time.

"This is where we rest, sleep, eat and pray. Sometimes, I would send Farhan and Siti Aisyah to a relative's house in Kubur Panjang."

Rahman and Wan Nasri have four other children who are married and living with their in-laws. "I don't want to burden my children as they are living with their in-laws."

He said the family was waiting for assistance from Felcra, which he claimed had promised to help them.

Original Title: Their lorry is their home