October 10, 2009

What You Want vs. What You Need

Sweeping through the states like the swine flu, it seems that more and more women who are begrudgingly making the transition from middle age babe to golden girl are looking at potential partners in terms of dollars and cents instead of passion and desire. The desire, now, is to be financially secure in the years that may find more and more moneys going toward health care or a little nip and tuck.

Everyone has been hit hard by the economy; fired or laid off, many who were once solvant are no longer and women are abandoning men in a state of financial disaray like rats from a sinking ship. And it doesn’t seem to matter if the men who are secure, have the house, the toys, the bank accounts are even attractive to them, will treat them well or if there will be any real passion between them, as long as the money is and will be there, then security dominates the emotions.

But wait; there is a fly in that ointment. Those who have not been hit by the economy just may be depending on how much longer it lasts. No one is completely recession proof and just as you think you have it made money-wise, you may find the toys being sold to pay bills and an over-priced house being foreclosed. The man who you thought was going to take care of you in your “old age” can barely take care of himself, and the passionate lover who didn’t have a penny to his name when you left has secured himself a sweet job guaranteed to see both of you through. Trouble is, you left and now there is another in your place. You lost. Twice!

Yes, many women are making their own money, are financially secure and don’t “need” a man to lean on. But many aren’t and do lean even at the sacrifice of great relationships.

Experts agree that money and sex are in a contant battle for first place as to why relationships fail. Many a romantic movie has our heroine choosing love over money, The Notebook, as love and passion provides the greatest joys in life. The tears and look on Ingrid Bergman’s face as she says good-bye to Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca tells us what she knows she’s giving up for a “more secure” life.

It’s always been said that money can’t buy happiness, but in these hard economic times it may be able to buy rich guys the woman of their dreams though he may be a nightmare.

So before you leave for the greener pasture take a good look at whom and what you may be giving up for a
place at the craps table. Are you sure it’s worth the gamble?

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