October 13, 2009

Signs your husband is cheating on you

by Peace Bella

Marriage is the union of the man and woman to form a family. Nobody will understand your husband better than you. You married each other after

knowing each other for a period of time. Therefore it is to every women's intuition to know that her husband is cheating. There are some signs of cheating that you can only suspect that your husband might be cheating on you, and there are obvious signs that your husband are cheating on you.

The first and most obvious signs of cheating is behaviour change. As his wife, you understand your husband very well. But sometimes symptoms of behavioural change might not bring us to the conclusion that our husband is cheating. This is because we trust them. We trust that our husband will not cheat on us. We trust that we can rely on our husband. We trust that he will not betray us. We trust that he will not 'sleep' with other women. However, there are many cases of husband cheating on their wife still.

Examples of behavioural change from your husband are:
1. He is being more particular of his personal grooming, he looks more at the mirror and buys more clothings - underwear! He puts on more cologne or perfume. He may buy some stuff which he also never buy before (gifts for the other women or things which the other women like).

2. He seems to be lost in thoughts most of the time. He is not himself as he used to be. He keeps things to himself, and you can sense that he is 'hiding' something from you. He may even be 'smiling' or grinning when alone!

3. He becomes short-tempered, impatient and also hot-tempered. His heart is no longer around! His heart is thinking of other people!

4. He always works overtime. He is always busy. He is always not around when you need him. He always 'have a lot of overtime' to do. He always comes home late.

The next signs of cheating from your husband is about his personal belongings. If your husband drives, you might find receipts of places where he went. You find his charge cards receipts and stuff left behind in the car. There are more tissue paper than ever. There are more screens in the car than ever. His petrol bills increase more than ever. His handphone is his treasure. Everywhere he goes, the handphone follows - in the bathroom, in the balcony, everywhere he goes in the home, it sticks to him. His handphone is in silent mode or vibration mode. He may sneak out of the room anytime to make phone calls or send sms.

The excuses husband claims to give is freedom when it comes to cheating. They claim they don't have enough time to do their own work, to do the things they want. This is another aspect of signs that your husband is cheating on you. Most of the time whenever the woman become suspicious of the husband, out of quarrels, the husband will say such words.

While some husband cheats and forgo the family, some husband cheated but still care about the family. Some marriages seem perfect but the husband is cheating without the wife knowing it at all. The husband is well-to-do, the wife is the stay home mum or may be working as well, and these husband claiming to be 'working' but is doing something else behind the wife! This brings to the second signs of cheating - telling lies. The most common lies they tell is their whereabouts. They lie about places they went to, they lie about who they go out with, they lie about time - time to go to work, time to knock off afterwork. He may even lie that he needs to go overseas attachment or overseas work to do. One lie lead to another lie. The lies is building up day after day.

However much lies they tell, there are loop holes! They may claim to be working but come back with smell of smoke and even perfume! The worse is lipstick stain on the shirt and the face! That is obvious signs of cheating then! Another signs of obvious cheating is days where he never comes back home! Still another obvious signs of cheating is the woman calling the wife!

When it comes to obvious signs of cheating, like lipstick stains, smell of female perfume on the shirt and female stuff in his bag such as nail polish, sunscreen and so on, and the other woman contacting you, it is time to confront your husband.

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The above only refer to sign, don't simply jump into conclusion . Many other things have to be taken into consideration before taking any action. Be a brilliant woman and never be emotional - gentlentry