October 1, 2009

Whales by Marco Queral

These pictures show the heart-stopping moment a talented diver was able to get eye-to-eye with a colossal humpback whale. In an astonishing contrast the tiny human diver looks miniscule compared to the 50ft female gentle giant of the seas.

Marco Queral, 42, said the jaw-dropping moment was
all down to luck and had little to do with the skill he has mastered over 17 years. He said: "The success in getting these shots is pretty much always down to the whale..."

"...Their enormous size itself must be considered as an immediate
life-threatening danger. I must be very cautious when they approach
and investigate me..."

"...I believe they are gentle by nature but I am always aware their
kind greeting of a tail swing may easily kill me by accident."

To get his spectacular images of marine life, South American Marco relies on various tricks to catch the attention of the passing mammals.

"They are extremely intelligent. Just like humans they have their own mind and come with strong personalities. Therefore the success in cetacean photography is pretty much all up to them. They decide whether I can take pictures of them or not," said Marco Queral.

"...they decide whether I can take pictures of them or not. They must be in the right mood to let me get into this position...."

"...they are usually more shy and cautious toward humans and boats than dolphins are, perhaps because they are not so accustomed to seeing humans offshore. I think their bashfulness and timidity have been ingrained into their DNA,"said Marco Queral.

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