May 3, 2010

The Vogue of hijab by N-ti

N-ti — the Arabic pronoun meaning “you” — was chosen as a brand name by Dikra Ait Nancere for her practical, yet fashionable hijab designs that cater to the modern Muslim woman in Montreal, Canada.
Nancere, who is of Canadian-Moroccan origin, says that the hijab exists everywhere in the world and each country has its own unique style. “There’s the Saudi, Moroccan, Egyptian and Canadian style hijab,” says the 29-year-old CEO of N-ti.
However, the Canadian market only has heavily-embroidered cloaks available, she says. “There is a lack of casual, practical and everyday clothes for Muslim Canadian women.”
As a result, she decided to design casual Muslim clothes in her basement in 2007. She invited friends and formed a focus group to get their feedback on the designs she had created.
“They liked the idea and I saw that there’s business potential. Indeed, there was. In May 2008, she celebrated the grand opening of N-ti’s first boutique for trendy and simple Islamic clothing.
Nancere says that there are many working Muslim women in Montreal. As a result, she wants to provide them with a variety of clothing options. “I’m obliged to provide choices for working women that are also practical for their jobs,” she says.
Her success didn’t come easy, however, as she faced financial difficulties and branding problems after listing her store as a shop for Islamic clothing. “There are plenty of Islamic stores that sell food, groceries and books; however, it’s the first time that an Islamic clothing store was established in Montreal,” says Nancere.
Nevertheless, the hurdles didn’t discourage her. Close family and friends generously donated sums of money to help her and her brand, N-ti. And, in 2009, she started her own company, N-ti Inc. with the help of her husband.  “It was very risky, but I know now that it was a good decision,” she says.
Within a year, N-ti was already preparing its third collection of spring and summer couture — not just for customers to buy from the boutique, but also for models to display on the catwalk.
The clothing collection titled, “Wind of Sand,” was displayed in N-ti’s first organized fashion show gala on April 3 in Montreal. The show — which will become a regular event — showcased trendy and simple hijab couture.
Non-Muslim French Canadian models wore loose trendy pants, long-sleeved, funky shirts and colorful head scarves, along with chic accessories and bags. Fashion models — Audrey Gueria, Elsa Desloges and Mariam — described the experience as very interesting.
“I come from the suburbs, so by participating in the show, I had the chance to learn about a new culture. It was very interesting,” said Audrey.
Elsa said that the choice of colors went very well with the spring and summer collection. “Modeling the clothes was a very interesting experience, especially that we’re not used to wearing long pants and loose fitting clothes,” she said.
The ladies walked the catwalk while Islamic music for artists like Outlandish and Sami Yusuf played in the background. Olita, the DJ, was occupied with her music, yet she caught glimpses of what she described as “an amazing and beautiful presentation.”
Olita had no idea what to expect and wanted to choose appropriate lyrics. She said she was challenged and had to call up her Arab friends to ask for their advice. “It was an honor to deejay for this event and I loved that it was women-focused,” says Olita. “The audience was very supportive and attentive, and I would absolutely do it again.”
Shaima Mahmoud, a 33-year-old banker, said the fashion show was a successful event. “N-ti is definitely for active women and mothers who seek elegance while remaining modest. It shows that we, as Muslims, can have our own style too,” said Mahmoud.
What is the future like for N-ti? Nancere says she is working to make her own franchise — a process that requires a lot of legal work.
“I’d like to open a store in Toronto in a year from today,” she says. “My dream is to have a store in each big city.”
Interested in N-ti’s couture?
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 Original title: N-ti: The Vogue of hijab 


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