May 3, 2010

Arab News - A success story on 35 th Anniversary

It is indeed a great pleasure to congratulate Arab News on its 35th year of establishment. Arab News has fulfilled the journalistic aspirations of millions, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in the Middle East and the world.
From its humble beginnings, it has flourished into a viable force for the dissemination of information with skill and efficiency. Its inception was a milestone in the history of our nation.
Arab News is a bridge between the 20th century and the 21st century. It not only witnessed the transformation of Saudi Arabia into a thriving modern state, in fact it itself is one of the icons that gave shape to the modern scenario of the Islamic world.
Today Arab News is a part of the lifestyle of many. A morning without Arab News is unthinkable for them. It is a welcomed friend in many homes that brings news and information from far and wide. People have come to trust its dependability and reliability. The common perspective is, “if the information is in Arab News it is definitely true.”
The dependability has built up its reputation as the leading newspaper in the Middle East. This has accounted for its steady rise to progress. Arab News is always on top of any news, be it local, national or international. The coverage of the news is thorough and selective. The diversity of the news reports in Arab News clearly proves that it endeavors to cater for the media needs of individuals and communities from all walks of life.
This climb to excellence is initiated by prudent planning and scrupulous management. Thus it stands as one of the finest achievements of the Islamic world. It is the voice of all Islamic causes. Its opinion and Islamic pages stand as vanguards of Islamic reasoning.
The story of Arab News is definitely a success story which has been written with the efforts of years of dedication and perseverance of the managing directors, editors, reporters and other members of the staff. I felicitate them all on this auspicious occasion.
— Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef is the former secretary-general of the Muslim World League and former vice chairman of Shoura Council. 35th anniversary