April 11, 2010

Google news reading tool Fast Flip

  BEIJING, Jan. 11 (Xinhuanet) -- Google's experimental news reading tool, the Google Fast Flip, is now part of the Google News homepage, according to the company's announcement quoted by news reports on Monday.     In its announcement, Google said the Fast Flip has encouraged readers "to look at many articles and, for the ones that catch their interest, click through to the story publishers' websites."
    The Fast Flip, which embedded in Google News' bottom page, features the screenshot news webpages of all the major online medias as well as all the topic-related special journal outlets.
    Flipping through content is fast, so you can quickly look through many news pages until you find something catches your eyes.
    In only a month before the move, Google expanded its Fast Flip source to more than 90 news sources around the world.
    New features of Fast Flip is still going on experiment in Google Labs and Google wants it to encourage readers to look at many articles in just seconds of time in the future, it said.

Original titile: Google experiments with news reading tool Fast Flip