September 11, 2009

Kingfisher snaps up its supper

Terrified fish takes last gasp as kingfisher snaps up its supper

If fish could speak, this little fellow would no doubt be saying his prayers (between gulps).
Clamped in the beak of a kingfisher, he has only moments to live before a final journey down the predator's throat.

This was the climax of a thrilling sequence of action captured on camera by wildlife photographer Ilia Shalamaev

Last supper: The fish appears to be terrified as it takes its final breath trapped in the beak of the kingfisher.

Poised to attack: The kingfisher waits for the right moment...

Takeaway dinner: Photographer Ilia Shalamaev had been watching the
bird hunt on the lake for four hours

With the fish in its beak, it heads back to its perch to feast.

Down the hatch: The kingfisher completes its meal.

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