June 5, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, Israel not to let any ship reach Gaza

JERUSALEM, June 4 (Xinhua) -- Israel will not allow any ship reach the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday, specifically refering to the approaching international aid ship of Rachel Corrie

We shall not allow the ships to reach Gaza. Not now and not later on," Netanyahu was quoted by local news service Ynet as saying. He made the comment during a meeting of senior ministers convened to discuss how to deal with the Rachel Corrie, a converted merchant ship heading for Gaza in a bid to breach the Israeli blockade on the Palestinian coastal enclave. On board the vessel are a group of Irish and Malaysian peace activists.

The voyage is another attempt to challenge the siege following the "Freedom Flotilla," which is in the spotlight after engaged in a deadly Monday confrontation with the Israeli navy. Nine civilians were killed and dozens wounded in the highsea showdown.

Sources told Xinhua Thursday that the Israeli defense echelon is considering boarding the ship in case it doesn't follow Israeli order to dock at southern Israel's Ashdod port. They believe that taking over the vessel will be simple, inasmuch as this is a small craft capable of only containing several dozen passengers.

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