February 25, 2010

Malaysian Book of Records

The Malaysian Book of Records (or MBR) is a Malaysian project to publish records set or broken by Malaysians. The project complements former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad's 'Malaysia Boleh!' (Malaysia Can! in English) campaign.[1] As with the Guinness World Records, there is an annually published book listing the records


The MBR is a project formed in line with the peoples Vision 2020.[2]

Realising that feats and record attempts were not recorded, Datuk Danny Ooi, (founder of The Malaysia Book of Records) felt that recognition should be given to record achievement by Malaysians. As the National Record-Keeper, MBR is an official body that recognises record-holders, record-breakers, and record creators in the country. Upon confirmation of record, the MBR will issue certificates to them, as a recognition for their efforts.[3]

Origin and history


The idea was conceived in 1990 when Danny Ooi stumbled upon questions regarding extraordinary feats by Malaysians. He recalled seeing a man cycling for days at the Merdeka Stadium, trying to set a world record, and another individual, who travelled from state to state by walking. The latter was hoping his attempt could be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records.[4]

Realising that none of these feats would be recorded, Mr Ooi felt that recognition should be given to such determination exhibited by Malaysians.[5]

Striving for excellence

Achievements were compiled for publication into the MBR and were also included in its production shown in a TV series called The Malaysia Book of Records' weekly TV series, which debuted on October 6, 1996 on RTM TV2.[6] The MBR will serve as a medium with which to acknowledge Malaysians who have promoted their country by creating records.

The first record book entitled "The Malaysia Book of Records' First Edition" was launched on December 9, 1998, unveiling the Malaysian records in one book for the first time.[7]

Award ceremony

MBR Awards Night at National and State Level started in December 1998, when the Malaysia Book of Records organised a national level and two states' level, Sabah and Melaka respectively at MBR Awards Night.[8]