July 3, 2009

Adolf Hitler Expand Speech - english Subtitles

Moral from Mr Hitler speech : Everything must started with planning if we wish for success. A muslim by it nature should have plan to, plan in any aspect of thing we are trying to do because it was already thought to us by our Prophet. One thing, We muslim have our own way of doing thing. The way must follow as teach in Islam. In war, we are not allowed to kill woman, children and old man or woman. We also not allowed to kill animal and damage to building. This is clearly teach in Islam and every muslim knows that. But still a group of man declared them self muslim but hit a bomb in market or railway station. For sure they are not follow the true path as teach in Islam. They do that on their own way. Sadly they were used the name of Islam in killing peoples out there. Actually what they have done is not follow Islamic way, they did that own their own way, may be they copyright what Bush have done to muslim in Iraq and Afghanistan. Million muslim have been killed in the name of justice. They are follow the bush way.